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KC Sox Baseball

The KC Sox Baseball Club is a competitive and developmental baseball organization.  Our focus on respect and love of the game.

It was founded in 2011 to provide an environment where the game of baseball would be instructed properly and passionately to high character players.  It’s driven by those who want to learn both the game of baseball and it’s lessons of life.  It’s delivered by those who played professionally and care deeply to help youth players reach their goals.

When we talk about our mission and philosophy, we do not take it lightly. It is our purpose, our promise… our expectation.

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our purpose
Our mission

Our goal is to provide the best baseball environment so that the kids in our community can receive the baseball experience they deserve. We hope that our efforts will open doors and produce opportunities that could propel our players to the next level.

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our promise

Our commitment is to develop solid young baseball players with good character and solid integrity.  We will achieve it through hard work and dedication.