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The KC Sox Baseball Club was founded in 2012 to provide a competitive and developmental baseball environment that focused on respect and love of the game.  The purpose was to teach the game the right way using proven fundamentals and techniques practiced by Major League Baseball Players today.

With over 50 years of professional baseball experience, Sox players are exposed to critical one-on-one instruction from qualified professionals to quickly improve confidence and performance.  Sox coaches are driven to help players develop the necessary skills that open doors and provide opportunities to compete at a higher level.

Our goal is to produce high character young men that have the passion to learn both the game of baseball and the lessons of life. It’s delivered by those who played professionally and care deeply to help youth players reach their goals.

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Brief History

Established 2012

In 2012 Bryan Bott and Steve Renko formed a team called the KC Sox.  There purpose, in the beginning, was to assure that their boys received solid coaching.  Both had significant backgrounds in baseball so the sure-fire thing was to do it yourself.

It was a success.  There was no doubt that the team was getting better.  Other teams that had beaten them badly in the beginning of the season found the Sox a hand full.  The season ended on a high note.


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Steve Renko III

Founder of the KC Sox Baseball Club

Steve lettered in baseball at The University of Kansas. After four years at Kansas, Steve was drafted by the Montreal Expos. Steve had a 12 year professional baseball career including MLB Minor league, Taiwan Professional League, Teams U.S.A., The Atlantic League, The Northern League and the Western Baseball League.